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Badami is a small town located in Karnataka. It is known for rock sculpture and temple architecture. The town was originally known as Vatapi and was the seat of government of the Badami Chalukyas in the 6th century AD. The name Vatapi has its origins in a mythological tale of the Ramayana.

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Badami is an interesting place to visit in Karnataka what with its artificial lake, ancient temples, Museum and Hindu and Jain caves carved in the Sandstone hills. The largest and most ornamental is the third cave temple dedicated to Vishnu.
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Shopping in Badami can really be a pleasurable experience.With dazzling shopping arcades and shopping malls strewn all around the state, Karnataka has become one of the shopping hubs in India. But the village shops in Badami are also wonderful as here you would get all the local items made of sandalwood. With its sparkling silks, sandalwood and rosewood carvings and exquisite handicrafts, Badami excels as the shoppers paradise.
The delicious and aromatic characteristics of the Badami recipes make the visitors fees homely. It will be a delightful experience for someone foodie. The hotels and restaurants of Badami serve fantastic delicious food for both the veg and non veg eaters. Sea food is very popular in the city. Crab curry and fish curry of Badami is appreciated by every visitor.
Badami, the capital of the Early Chalukyas, who ruled much of Karnataka in the 6th to 8th centuries, lies at the mouth of a ravine with rocky hills on either side and a town tank in which water from the ravine flows. The town is known for its ancient cave temples carved out of the sandstone hills above.
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The town of Badami is situated in the northern part of Karnataka. It was formerly known as Vatapi and was the capital of the Chalukya kingdom from the 6th to the 8th century ad.

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