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A Blissful Trip To Jal Mahal ,Jaipur

tajmahalLeaving behind the hustle bustle of the city, far from the maddening crowd, I headed towards Man Sagar Lake to enjoy the calm, serene view of this man- made lake. The open space at lake and the surrounding Aravalli hills offer an exquisite view. The cool breeze soothes and invigorates you. The best thing that I like about travelling solo is, you are carefree, you can sit back and enjoy the tranquil moments. This lake is about 400 years old, has platforms that offer you a better view, a dam about 300 meters long and 30 meters wide covering an area of 300 acres.

A Paradise for Bird : -

 monument of Akbar

It’s a paradise for bird watchers like me , as a lot of migratory birds can be seen flocking the lake. I was among the lucky few to have spotted large flamingoes and great crested grebe ! Locals can also be seen thronging this beauty to witness the magical mornings and dusky evenings . I marveled at visitors gazing in the calm pristine waters of this lake as if they were imagining things on seeing the water palace that stood abandoned on its waters.

Long- lost monument of Akbar -the great in JAIPUR : -

 monument of Akbar

It is 2.5 miles to the north of the city of Jaipur from Amer fort . It offers a picturesque view to the traveller, indeed, rightly called a water palace , for being situated in the middle of the Man Sagar lake. Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, the ruler of Jaipur from 1778-1803. Although the red-walled fort looks flat, it is actually having five floors, of which four are completely submerged under the waters, while only the fifth or top floor visible above the splashing water. There is a rectangular canopy on the roof having semi-octagonal towers at the four corners ending with a canopy or ‘chhatri’ at the top. It is a majestic grandeur of red sandstone with a garden at the terrace. Every archway, balcony and doorway is adorned with beautiful carvings and there are 20 pillars which are the cenotaph of the royalty. The king used this palace as a summer retreat whenever he conducted the royal duck shooting parties !

Monument of Jal Mahal -the great in RAJASTHAN : -

 monument of Akbar

It is open to visitors, although the Gondola trips are no longer available, there are boat trip that take you to Jal Mahal to be a part of the ultimate beauty. Sitting in the courtyards, sipping my favorite cappuccino, I enjoyed the tranquil garden overlooking the lake adorned with hyacinths and Jasmine flowers. I am obsessed with details as a cliché as it sounds , I am a true believer of the saying “Love is in the details”. I was enthralled on seeing the flawless architecture. It is truly, the gem in the crown of Rajasthan with amazing architect of bygone era that showcase how talented Indian architects were !!!