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Destinations– Munnar & Periyar, India

Munnar-PeriyarTravelling to far off places has always been my passion, the culture, the people, the historical and cultural history of a place, the variety of cuisines one can gorge on, the geographical distribution is such a unique experience that one can think of. The more I travel , I find there is so much to know about the mystic lands of India.
Being bought up in a metropolitan city, nature appeals the most to me. The wonderful sight of water cascading from the waterfall ,hidden in lush greenery, the wildlife knowing no boundaries, triumphing majestically in their own world without least human interference.

Beautiful places of Kerala : -


Truly a technological marvel – Idukki Arch Dam is a magnificent parabolic structure, worlds second and Asia’s First arch dam. Located closely was Idukki wildlife sanctuary – home to wide varieties of animals like elephants, bison, sambhar, dear, tiger and varieties of snakes like cobra, viper, krait etc.
A beautiful enclosure for birds like kingfisher, jungle fowl, laughing thrush is a treat to bird watchers like me.
Next on the list , was Annamalai Temple. Darshan at this 1800 year old temple dedicated to lord shiva was a divine experience. Located next to Annamalai Temple is a 460 year old karikodu Bhagvathy temple, which is said to host the most famous festival of Idukki region drawing thousands of devotees.

Periyar wildlife Sanctuary : -

 Periyar wildlife Sanctuary

After this I headed to the Periyar wildlife sanctuary, snuggled in the Western Ghats -a protected Tiger Reserve. The Splendid artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam adds to the charm of the park. This is the only sanctuary in India where you can view the wildlife, at close quarters from the safety of the boat.
After this wild trip, we headed towards Munnar, a hill station far down south, picture perfect and truly a dream come true for every tourist. It is situated on the confluence of 3 Mountain streams, 1600 m above sea level, a summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in south India. The sprawling tea plantations, the picture book town, winding lanes truly contributed to a quintessential photograph.
The place was so enchanting that my feet refused to move any further and gaze endlessly at the nature’s extravaganza. The tea and coffee plantations, velvety meadows and the breath of fresh mountain air was ecstatic. Anamudi, the highest peak of south India is located here. The mist - clad hills, the panoramic view are truly a delight.


I stood in the gardens of my guesthouse sipping the fresh coffee brewed gazing at the beauty of this place, I felt so lucky to have experienced this bliss.
I picked up some of the finest spices, tea on my way back home promising to come back soon.