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Full Day Bollywood Tour Package
Duration:- 8:00 Hours.

bollywood tour

Bollywood in Mumbai has a long tradition of making movies within the Hindi film industry and this 8-hour long tour explores the Bollywood world you to give a better perspective of the history, creativity and technical aspects of this acclaimed cultural attraction.

Bollywood tour mumbai

From the Technicolor song and dance fantasies of the 1970s and 1980s to the blockbusters of today, Bollywood is a culture as essential to India - and more especially Mumbai - as Hollywood is to America and LA. Beating its American rival for sheer chutzpah and tome, Bollywood refers to Mumbai, and this full-day tour applies to you. You will be picked up from your Mumbai hotel and taken to a location site to see a movie being shot.You will be accompanied by a specifically created studio and receive an informal behind-the-scenes look at professionals at work. Depending on the shooting schedule, you may get a chance to peek inside a film star’s makeup room and to pose for keepsake snapshots with some Bollywood stars of today. Enjoy a Move for Dance Show based on the film song and dances of Bollywood films, a mixture of formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance traditions fused with Middle Eastern techniques. Bollywood dances have evolved into a different and energetic style. These groups of dancers will perform 5 Bollywood dances in front of the audience, and you will get a chance to learn and dance forward with the dancers. we also show you VFX clip, how authors use visual effects in Bollywood movies. After lunch at a local restaurant, you will travel to visit a second movie studio. Stay on a tour past the homes of famous Bollywood stars in exclusive areas of Mumbai, before a transfer and drop off back at your city centre hotel.

mumbai tour

Note:- we are making you feel like that you are roaming in a Bollywood but it doesn't mean you will find Bollywood/TV celebrities over there.

Package # Full Day Bollywood Tour
Duration : 8+ Hrs




Our Representative “guide” for Bollywood tour will receive you at your hotel/Cruz.



-Arrival at Shooting Sight.

  • -Escorted to a specially created studio
  • -Visit a live shooting set
  • -Watch filming at shooting set
  • -Peek at the behind-the-scenes activities of movie making
  • -See the technicians at work
  • -If possible, look into the star`s makeup rooms
  • -If possible, have your picture taken with a Bollywood actor



  • Arrive at Bollywood Museum where you will get a glimpse of famous Bollywood actor’s posters and photographs and then you will be escorted to an air-conditioned Dance Hall with decorated stage and music system in -Bollywood style.
  • -Welcome Drink on arrival
  • -Watch 3-4 Live Bollywood Dance Shows performed by professional dancers.

    Professional dancers including 2 ladies & 2 gents.

    Performance no 1

    Bollywood Dance (Hindi latest Song)

    Performance no 2

    Bollywood dance  (Hindi latest)

    Performance no 3

    Bollywood Dance (Punjabi Song)

    Performance no 4

    Bollywood Dance (Hindi item Song)
    (Here guest will get a chance to participate in dance on the stage)
    Performance End


A fine, hygienic restaurant


Arrival at studio
There are pre design sets like police station, temple, village, studio hall, market, gas station etc.
Irrespective of shooting is happening or not.


Stars’ homes and Drive past the homes’ of famous stars


Hotel/Cruz /Airport

  • Brief Synopsis -

This combo program is based on Hindi dance songs which are now widely heard around the world. They first became popular among overseas Indians and were eventually discovered by others.
It’s based on the filmy music and dances of Bollywood films which are a synthesis of formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance traditions, in fusion with Middle Eastern techniques. Bollywood dances have evolved as a unique and energetic style.
These groups of dancers will perform Bollywood dance in front of the audience, where you will get a chance to see and participate along with the dancers.
You get to see this energetic dance performance, and you will  also get a chance to see Bollywood studio and sets from inside and of course some live shootings as well.

What guest will get to see?

  • Live Bollywood Shooting.
  • Drive past from the Famous movie stars home.
  • Live Dance Show
  • Comparison by guide (History of Bollywood and some fun facts)

Package Includes:

  • -Guide.  

  • -Studios Entrance.  

  • -*Lunch (For 2Pax. and above only).

Please Note: -
SECURITY- We need your cooperation wherever the personal frisking and checking of baggage is mandatory.  Except for your valuables, hand baggage is not allowed at location shooting.

  • Please don`t compare this tour with Universal studio tour at Hollywood amusement park, studios size in India are  smaller comparatively to Hollywood.
  • This itinerary could be tentative as per studio permission.


  • Photo shots are strictly not allowed until and unless permission is given.(Professional cameras are not allowed at the sets, until permission granted )
  • Please keep your mobile on silent mode during the shooting in action and keep silent.
  • Most of the studios are at distant places from downtown and as such may take considerable time to reach, kindly bear with such unavoidable time consumption.
  • The Bollywood activities in Mumbai are not centralized at one place and scattered at different places.


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