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Soak in divine rendezvous at Golden Temple, Amritsar

golden-templeAmritsar is famous for three things-Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border and the exotic street food. This time I decided to visit Harmandir Sahib popularly known as Golden temple due to its gold-plated building which gives it a sheer brilliance. It is one of the most revered sikh gurudwara, where any demarcation of religion, caste and creed ends . The sanctity of this place touches your heart, discipline prevailing despite round the clock devotees thronging the place is truly commendable. Dip at the holy lake which is situated at the entrance of the temple adds to the serenity of the place. Continuous chanting of shabab( sikh teachings compiled in a religious scripture called Guru Granth Sahib), the calm pristine waters of the lake, devotees providing free services called seva, the ornate beauty of the temple is truly mesmerizing. I considered myself among the lucky ones to witness in pure divinity. Mass meal or Langar is another remarkable feature of every sikh Gurdwara. It is a free meal offered to all and is an essential part of their religious belief. It is a 24 x 07 kicheten. Visiting the Temple in the mornings and at night is an icing on the cake as special ceremony of bringing and taking back of holy scripture is certainly worth a million.

Jalliawalan Bagh : -



“A Patriot’s Pilgrimage in India
Next morning I headed towards the JALLIAN WALAH BAGH . The feeling of Patriotism is evoked when you visit the Jalliawalan Bagh and Wagah Border and is very much palpable in the air of this place. The haunting memories and the traces of brutality of a british officer ,General Dyer is still afresh. The signs of massacre can be witnessed as holes made by the bullets ,still embedded on the walls of this garden. I paid my homage to the innocent lives that were lost in this massacre and headed towards Wagah Border which is on the other end of the spectrum . The passion, the strength, the bravery of soldiers touches you deep inside your soul and your hands stand in salutation to these heroes of our motherland. wagah-border Every evening at the Wagah Border (it is the only road entry point between India and Pakistan)you witness a fun and competitive Beating Retreat Ceremony or the raising /lowering of flags. Shouting of one’s country’s slogans ,beating of the drums, thumping of feet fills the place with surreal atmosphere. After witnessing the ceremony I headed back to the city. Last but not the least , I decided to visit the hustle bustle of local markets, people jostling for spaces, A paradise for food lovers ,every nook and corner is filled with rich aromas of delicious food cooked in desi ghee ,devoid of preservatives that I cannot stop raving about! Oodles of butter loaded in lentils and greens left me craving for more..To satisfy my sweet tooth ,I decided to try my hands at desi ghee ki jalebi, karahi milk, halwa.It was a culinary extravaganza that totally blew my senses away. I must say Punjabis are jolly,lively bunch of people involved in eating, feeding the guests that too with a warm smile that lights up their face. Finally ,the time had arrived for me to leave the place with memories that I will cherish in my heart forever….