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Journey Through Bhubaneshwar

tajmahalVisit to Lingaraja temple made me realize the bliss you experience on coming in close-contact with a supreme soul that make you realize the values of human life
Next, on my itinery was Konark which is 65kms from Bhubaneshwar. My driver cautioned me to travel early through it is a 4 lane road to capture some of the beautiful shots which could be clicked only in the morning must add that Shankarji(my driver)was very informative and made the trip more exciting, the journey was very smooth and refreshing.

Konark means Kona Arka meaning “SUN AT AN ANGLE” Konark is a UNESCO heritage site, flanked by tourists all over the world. I was spell bound to see the temple complex constructed in the shape of huge chariot, with intricately carved 24 wheels drawn by 7 horses carrying the sun god. Each horse signifies day of a week and each wheel signifies hours of a day. The temple is designed in such a way that the first ray of the sun falls on the temple when the sun rises over the Bay of Bengal.
It was painful to see such a magnificent piece of art facing the vagaries of climate over the years. This temple should be restored or else such a marvel will succumb in the harsh influence by the sea and wind. We waited for evening when the monument sparks in the golden color due to the floodlight enhancing every angle of the masterpiece that might go unnoticed in the daytime.ity is an epitome of Odisha. Exotic sculptures are carved on the building depicting stories of human life.

Next day, at 12, we left for PURI. On the way we came across Chandra Bhagha beach, a beautiful place to enjoy the sun .I must say it is calm and clean beach, fisherman engaged in their routine can also be spotted. All shades of nature are visible hereafter this, we continued with our journey. It was a pleasant journey all along the coast, having excellent roads, dense forests lining it.
Next day, I visited Jaganath temple, one of the four pilgrim places of India, located in the east. Entering the garbhagraha sanctum of jagana was a unique experience had never seen an idol so beautiful and activating could not take my eyes off from such a pristine form of faith could not decipher the secret of that soul stirring form of god. Maybe, this is the piousness of jaganathji which compels you to visit again, to experience such mysticism again and again!

Jaganath :-

Every moment spent in that sacred place was filled with a happiness which is unspeakabale.Its an experience of lifetime .it was a tem minute darshan of that pristine form of god, when time seemed to stop, the crowd seems distant. All I could see was lord and me with chartings in the background I was given the Prasad/offerings of lord Jaganath and had to move out.
In the evening, I went to the beach at puri, to watch the sand artwork of the locals which is much talked about by the people must confess it was truly blissful to see them work with so much perseverance and skill. After gazing at the infinite shoreline, with Sun god slowly bidding farewell and making sky colorful with hues of crimson and purple and promising to return the next day. With this my last day of this enchanting trip was over.