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Witness the celebration in stone – The Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho TemplesThis time I wanted to wander off to some distant land, which might not be on top of every explorer but definitely a must see. Several glimpses of Madhya Pradesh in internet caught my eye and the impulse of the history buff in me took charge of my decision to visit the Heart of India .Situated in the central India, this state is a celebration in stone depicting the saga of its glorious past, Jain sculptures, the tribal people, the famous wildlife sanctuaries, major Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Islamic pilgrim centers etc.

Temples of Khajuraho: -

 monument of Khajuraho

I decided to take a trip to M.P by taking a flight to Khajuraho. The excitement to witness the India’s unique gift to the world-the majestic temples of Khajuraho, was beyond measure. As my car drew near the flawless wonders of human creativity, I was dazed as why the Chandela Rajput rulers, who conceived and created these temples chose Khajuraho, even then a small village? My guide told me that the Chandelas considered Khajuraho as a seat of religion and learning to bring together many sects. These temples became victim to the ravages of the elements for many centuries. But, rediscovered in the early 20th century they were restored , cleaned and once again testified to a past glory . Of the 85 original temples, 22 have survived till today to constitute one of the world’s great artistic wonders. The sight of Kandariya Mahadeo is truly breathtaking. It is one of the largest and the most typical temples lying in the western part of these temples. It soars to a great height of 31 m. It shows the minute details of Gods, Goddesses, celestial maidens and lovers. Chaunsath yogini, Chitragupta temple, Vishwanath temple, Lakshmana temple , Matangeshwara temple comprising the western group. Parsavnath temple is the largest Jain temple and exquisite in detail. Within, the throne faces the bull emblem of the first tirthankara, Adinath.

 monument of Khajuraho

The famous Son- et –Lumie`re spectacle evokes the life and times of the great Chandela kings. The 50 minute show runs in Hindi as well in English. Amitabh Bachchan ,the superstar narrates the story and transfixes you to your seat. A fine collection of masterpieces of tribal and folk artifacts is on display at the Chandela Cultural Complex. Charmed by the items of terracotta , metal crafts, tribal paintings and masks, I ended picking up several souvenirs for my loved ones. After spending an entire day at Khajuraho, I headed back to the hotel, completely enchanted. In the evening, I left to experience the bliss of tranquility at the Khajuraho dance festival. The various dance forms such as Odissi, Kathakali, Chhau elated me to the zenith of pleasure. Taking chance to visit such a beautiful place proved to be fruitful. The entire day ended on a much superior note.

 Khajuraho park

Next day, I headed to Panna National Park just 32 kms away, a mere 30 min drive from Khajuraho. This wildlife park spreads along the river Ken, and is said to harbour many species eg: Tiger , leopard, wolf, ghariyal, chinkara, sambhar as well as blue hornbill. On the way to Panna, I came across the magnificent Pandav Falls,the Raneh falls. I was among the lucky few to have spotted a majestic tiger in the wee hours of morning .After clicking some of the pictures of the rare wildlife and myself as the jungle queen ,I left back to catch the flight back to my city.!!!