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Rann Utsav-a celebration of life and festivities

kutchThis time I let go off my wild side and decided to traverse the extreme west of the Indian union i.e to KUTCH, which is located in the state of Gujarat and is bestowed with one of the most ecologically and culturally abundant land forms . The most convenient way to access this place is either by RAIL, by AIR ,or by road. Bhuj being an administrative city of kutch ,flights from all the major parts of India land here. I vouched to travel by road to witness the fascinating place personally.

white Dessert -

rann utsav

The best time to visit this picturesque “white Dessert “ is between November 18 to February 29,when the entire region is in a mood of celebration during Rann Utsav . It is a celebration of life, festivities, diverse traditions bestowing grace and elegance. A riot of colours sprinkled on the vast stretch of barren land, the trailing notes of sufi and folk songs played with traditional instruments like Bhorrindo, manjira,motchay, Jodi pava and rava ,the beautiful handicraft items like garments, jewellery, wood carvings and wall paintings add to the charm and lift the spirits of the visitors up. Set up in a surreal moonlit landscape, rann utsav is a cultural feat that truly mirrors the eclectic spirit of Gujarat . No doubt, Kutch is also a cradle of creativity . Earlier it was a mere 3-day affair but now with the growing popularity, the celebration is spread over 90 days .


The hospitality of the Kutchi people is beyond words .The simplicity ,the warmth they extend ,the generosity they bestow truly reflect their pure hearts and fills your heart with gratitude. Not to miss on my Must see list was –Visit to: -
Each having its own history and charm. Since I am a fun loving and adventurous person , I decided to try my hands at Para motoring, All Terrain Vehicle Riding, Rifle shooting, Camel safaris (a must do)and archery .This certainly kicked up the adrenaline level in me. On a full moon night during the utsav, I attended the cultural performances which were superbly curated .It appeared as if the entire region woke up to an endless cycle of dance and merriment .The century old traditions were revived in what we truly call Once –in a lifetime experience! The brimming profusion of nature’s beauty, the diverse culture and age old traditions ,super fluidity of colours, reflecting the magnificence of kaleidoscopic kutch. With heavy heart, I Packed my bags next day and left to catch my flight back to Delhi.!!!