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Why should you visit India?

tajmahalWe all look for those spectacular destinations all over the world, which would leave beautiful imprints on our memory for a lifetime. If the urge to escape and indulge in an adventurous journey fascinates you, then India is your ‘calling’. Create your own version of “Eat, Pray, and Love” by visiting the land of exotic and spirituality. India is one of the rarest gems on the map of the world, which gives you the opportunity to witness the pleasure of enjoying the grandiloquence of a rich cultural past still kept alive within the architectural structures spread all over different cities and towns. Along with this it takes you on a journey inside yourself, helping to gauge at your spiritual side. Whether you seek a doze of please or a quest for adventure, it satiates your urge.

Taj Mahal or the Ajanta caves : -

 monument of Akbar

You can see the beautiful Taj Mahal or the Ajanta caves to the beautiful temples in the South India or the hills in Shillong and Meghalya and how can one forget the beaches of Goa, Kerala and Pondicherry? You have a lot of land to discover.
You would not just watch but learn and absorb a lot about the great Indian history while you cover these copious destinations. You will definitely fall in love with the beauty it encapsulates. Along with this your trip to the subcontinent will prove worth it because you can travel in a small budget.

The Indian food: -

 monument of Akbar

Ah! The Indian food in itself is something which would make you want to come back for. It will invigorate the taste buds you thought never existed. The variety, the spice, the wholesome quality, the bounty of food and culture that India provides is something to immerse in. The best part being that the people here would feed you with all their heart and leave you with a soulful experience asking for more. You will fall in love with the colors and the beauty of simplicity which the people ooze out. Our land is popular for warmth and “mehmaan navazi and the guest is like a God!”
The clothes, the festivals, the spirituality, the folklore will mesmerize you and bring you great joy and solace. Words seem to fall short when it comes to explaining the mammoth reasons one can think of visiting India. Keep counting and book that travel ticket ASAP and experience a lifetime of abundance in the land of tranquility.