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New Delhi, the national capital of India is famous for its culture, tradition and effervescent history. Delhi is the third largest city in India and now the most preferred city in terms of investments, industrialization, Information Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc. Apart from being the national capital of India and important economical hub of India, Delhi is the most preferred tourist destination of North India. Delhi's rich tradition, effervescent history, monuments, museums, galleries, parks and Mughal Architecture are some of the special attractions that beckon tourists from all over the world.

Delhi is the place which has a high esteem history and culture to boast on. Historical monuments and ancient architecture makes the city a sought after destination for tourists and connoisseurs. Among the most popular monuments in Delhi are the Red Fort, Purana Quila, Qutab Minar, Iron Pillar, India Gate, Humayun's Tomb, Jantar Mantar and Lotus Temple.
Many of the renowned hotels in India are located in New Delhi. Almost all big hotel chains have their operations in New Delhi. These Delhi hotels offer world-class hospitality and leave an everlasting impression on the minds of tourists. They are known worldwide for their royal treatment of guests and outstanding services.
New Delhi and surrounding areas of NCR (National Capital Region) have large number of shopping malls. Ansal Plaza in South Extension and many gigantic malls at Rajauri garden are always overcrowded. These places have a good ambience and have stores out-and-out to all the major brands in India. You can shop at Center stage Mall in Noida and Pacific Mall at Ghaziabad.
Delhi cuisine is famous for its variety and spice. People of Delhi have a major sweet tooth, therefore Bengali sweets, especially 'Roshogullahs' and 'Sandesh', are most palatable to them. Punjabi 'Chhole-Bhature' and 'Pinni', Mughlai and Tandoori cuisine is too tempting to resist. Even roadside 'Dhabas', eateries, snack counters and restaurants offer such wide varieties of delectable cuisines that you will be forced to try it.
The metropolitan city with a cosmopolitan outlook, New Delhi boasts of a rich cultural heritage. The ancient city still reflects the remnants of the glorious old-age charm and culture, yet has a very modern and chic lifestyle. The nightlife is interesting and a number of discos beckon the youngsters to sway and dance on enchanting numbers.
The helpline services offers help to those that call. Delhi helpline services offer telephone support offering accces to information, advice or customer services.Police - 100, Fire - 101 etc...
Delhi has always been a vibrant city through all aspects of life. Be it lifestyle, art, culture, religion or business center - Delhi has established itself as a world class city with it's excellent facilities. The old city lane markets or the huge malls and entertainment centers- all have added to the glamour of Delhi. It offers the blend of a traditional lifestyle and a modern one.
Delhi is situated in north central India and stands on the west bank of Yamuna river. It is bounded on the east by the state of Uttar Pardesh and on the north, west and south by Haryana. The eternal Yamuna has witnessed the glory and the tumultuous history of the 3000 year old Delhi. Delhi is spread over an area of 1483 sq. kilometers, 216 meters above sea level and has a population of around 14 million.

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Delhi Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
  City Month Max Temp Min Temp Mean Rainfall mm
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi January 20.8 6.7 18.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi February 23.9 9.1 16.6
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi March 30 14.1 10.8
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi April 36.9 20.5 30.4
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi May 40.5 25.1 29
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi June 40.3 27.6 54.3
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi July 35.4 26.4 216.8
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi August 33.7 25.6 247.6
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi September 34.2 23.8 133.8
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi October 33.3 18.8 15.4
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi November 28.3 12.7 6.6
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Delhi December 22.7 7.8 15.2