Reps:- Excellent care during reception at the airport and all transports excellent guide knowledge and communicative
Hotels:- Excellent 5*
Transport:- Excellent. Exceptional drivers, very friendly and skilled, good vehicle in excellent condition
Remarks:- Five Stars services in Nepal. I would definitely recommend the company to others
Country:- Puerto Rico
By -  Mr. Felix Roque,
Reps:- Excellent
Hotels:- 5*
Transport:- Good condition vehicle and excellent driver
Remarks:- i would recommend to a friend
Country:- Puerto Rico
By -  Mr. Felix Roque, 06/20/2018
Reps:- Good
Hotels:- Good
Transport:- Good
Remarks:- i had a very good time
Country:- Mexico
By -  Sebastian Labrode Padilla, 06/20/2018
Reps:- Alles Bestens
Hotels:- Sehr Gut
Transport:- Sehr Gut
Remarks:- Sehr Gut
Country:- Switzerland
By -  Mr. Christian Rohrer, 05/25/2018
Reps:- Muy Bueno
Hotels:- Shangri-La Muy bueno Raddisson Blu - No lo que esperabamos sobre vendido, espera mas 1 hora para el cuarto
Transport:- Muy bueno
Remarks:- Nos gusto mucho India. El chofer y los guias excelentes. muy buen conocimiento y hablan perfecto espanol.
Country:- Mexico
By -  Ms. Gabriela Testas, 05/24/2018
Reps:- Excellent
Hotels:- Excellent
Transport:- Excellent
Remarks:- Very Valuable. Many suggestions but very good experience and intro to India, i felt looked after
Country:- Argentina
By -  Mr. Martin Wilson, 05/24/2018
Reps:- Muy bien! Very Well and excellent
Hotels:- Nice, comfortable
Transport:- Nice the driver and partner very profecional
Remarks:- muy contento, muy completo, pronto regresaremos
Country:- Mexico
By -  Mr. Enrique Gomez , 05/24/2018
Reps:- Very Good
Hotels:- Very Good
Transport:- Very Good
Remarks:- Awesome Experience
Country:- Spain
By -  Mr. Rafael Salamanca , 05/24/2018
Reps:- Very helpful indeed. interested to give all details about everything
Hotels:- Le Meridien - Simply fantastic
Transport:- Very efficient despite the heavy traffic
Remarks:- My first time in lovely India i was introduced to the indian culture very efficiently by the representative
Country:- Greece
By -  Mr. Aris Sapounakis, 05/16/2018
Reps:- Very Good
Hotels:- Excelent
Transport:- Very Good
Visited cities:-Delhi / Agra / Jaipur / Goa
Email:- Spain
Country:- Argentina
By -  ms. Susana Grossi, 04/30/2018

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