Remarks:- We are back home from a very nice holiday . The trip you have mapped out for us was very nice. The service you offer throughout the tour is extremely good. Due to a misunderstanding ( i do not know what went wrong on our arrival) we are very satisfied with your organization. Exept Atithi hotel inPuducherry ( nice room but not very clean, specialy the bathroom) we had beautiful hotels everywhere. Our driver Mr Raj is a wonderfull man. A well-groomed man and amways smiling. Always on time, very kind, helpful, and careful. The car was always clean, and of course he is a excellent driver, in the crazy traffic in India. We felt very safe with him. Because yoy spend a lot of time together with the driver, it is important that he is a pleasant man. We have been very lucky to have Mr. Raj as our driver. This man deserves a bonus, for sure. When we ever come back to India again, we will certenly use your services, and we wil also recommend you to friends and family. I will also send this mail to Dirk from Dewi travel and Mr. Raj Thank you very mutch, for a great holiday
Country:- Belgium
By -  Ms. Ludovicus Struyf , 03/15/2018
Reps:- Muy bueno
Hotels:- Buenos
Transport:- Vuelos
Remarks:- Todo bien
By -  Sra. Angelica Martinez , 03/12/2018
Reps:- Excelente - Buena informacion. Siempre atento a las necesidades del grupo.
Hotels:- Buenos
Transport:- Buenos - Excelente el chofer y su aydante - muy atentos.
By -  Sra. Maria Cristina Pinto, 03/12/2018
Reps:- Raj, In Jaipur nice person but he could be more helpful, was not very attentive to us.
Hotels:- Holiday Inn- very nice bed + hotel, bathroom was broken. Radisson Blu - not nice bed, very nice hotel
Transport:- Rawat is amazing, the car was spectacular. very attentive and caring. we love Rawat
Remarks:- we had a very nice experience, service and sites visited very nice. Sima was vey nice. Rawat amazing. we did not like Mosi.
Country:- Brazil
By -  Mr. Victor Wong, 03/06/2018
Reps:- we had an overall great services from the representatives, willing to help when needed.
Hotels:- all hotels were great. we specially enjoy our stay at Trident in Udaipur. staff were exceptional.
Transport:- our driver from from Agra to Udaipur was Raj Paguel was great, patient and the car was always clean + offered cold water.
Visited cities:-Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur
Remarks:- everything beyond expectation.
Country:- Brazil
By -  Ms. Lia , 03/06/2018
Reps:- Excelente
Hotels:- Excelente
Transport:- Excelente
Remarks:- Ninguna
Country:- Argentina
Reps:- El guia fue excelente, cubrio nuestras expectativas
Hotels:- buenos
Transport:- muy buenos
Remarks:- mi experiencia excelente Muy conocido a la India, gente.
Country:- Argentina
By -  Ms. Maria Cristina , 03/06/2018
Reps:- El Guia Excelente, muy eficiente
Hotels:- Buenos
Transport:- Muy buenos
Country:- Argentina
By -  Ms. Alicia Merida, 03/06/2018
Reps:- Shivam
Hotels:- Agra - Muy Bueno. Jaipur - Bueno.
Transport:- Muy bueno.
Remarks:- Taj Mahal merece visita mas larga.
Email:- kelita
By -  Mr. Roquel Cuesta (Group India & Nepal para todos), 02/27/2018
Reps:-  Shivam Excelente
Hotels:- Crystal sarovar muy bueno! Four points sheraton Jaipur :Bueno
Transport:- Excelente
Remarks:- muy bueno servicio
By -  Ms. Maria Laura Fernandez, 02/27/2018

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