Hotels:- All the hotels were very pleasent and clean. Probably the only one that was not at the level for us it was the first one in Mandawa, also for the location and the staff, I would say, little rough
Transport:- First we really apreciated your quick answer to the inconvenient of the first driver and we found very good to travel with Bhagat, that was very respectful and available to ours requests
Remarks:- just to let you know we did not forget to write you back, but it took us several days to get rid of the jet lag and gave us the time to integrate the memory of the tour. Actually we have shared with many friends the beauty of the trip. I can say that the program was complete and well articulated. For us was really to dive through the mistery of the Incredible India. The places that Ludovica and me we most loved were Jaisalmer, Udaipur and of course the cream on top the astonishing Taj Mahal. Unlikely we were little tired for the sometimes long journey in the car and the roads not so good. Probably next year we will arrange with you a new tour towards Varanasi, Kajurao, Orcha etc. were we can alternate some trip by train. Anyway for that we will stay on touch. Definitely we remain very happy about the tour and about your organization, flexibility and understanding. We both wish you all the best for your work and we are talking very positive to our friends
By -  Mario Caimo , 04 April 2013
Reps:- Ecelent
Hotels:- Excelent
Transport:- Excelent
Remarks:- I would like to travel again with he company. The service was great, the car was always claen and on time. The driver was very resectful, aware of ourneeds & wiling all the time to help us. Gides were great and it was fantastic thet you could arrange our visits with our spanish language.
By -  Mr. Rosa Martha Espindola x 03, 30-03-2013
Reps:- Muy bien
Hotels:- Bien
Transport:- Muy bien
Country:- Spain
By -  Sr. Maria Carmen x 04, 02-03-2013
Transport:- EXCELENTE
Country:- Argentina
By -  Mr. Elda Rivarola, 02 Apr 2013
Reps:- Muy bien
Hotels:- excelentes
Transport:- muy bien
Remarks:- el guia de jodhpur de nombre raju era excelent - el mejor de todos
Country:- Mexico
By -  Mr. Pantalakis Charambalous, 02 Apr 2013
Reps:- Mr. Mantosh Very Good Guide.
Hotels:- Very Good
Transport:- Very Good
Remarks:- Services International is my Favourite Travel Agency. Next time I will contact you
Country:- Mexico
By -  Mr. Carlos Uribe Molints, 01 Apr 2013
Reps:- Very Good
Hotels:- Own Arrangement by the guest
Transport:- Good
Remarks:- Good Experience
By -  Mr. Jose Zeitune, 30 March 2013
Reps:- All the guides and the driver were very kind and give us an excellent services. The guide have very knowledge.
Hotels:- They were very clean and Comfortable.
Transport:- The car was very clean . It was a safe travel.
Remarks:- very Good
Country:- London
By -  Mr. Morgan Alberto, 29 Mar 2013
Reps:- OK
Hotels:- OK
Transport:- OK
Remarks:- OK
Country:- Czech Republic
By -  Mr. Pavel Majerek, 28 Mar 2013
Reps:- Very Happy & courteous
Hotels:- Excellent services.
Transport:- Mr. Verma was very punctual & helpful
Remarks:- Very Pleasant & comfortable
Country:- Canadian
By -  Mr. Deokaran Sharma, 28/03/2013

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