Reps:- Pyare Lal Bhatt: Very professional, very attentive, very helpful, very positive, very personable. He was especially helpful with the banks & our mony changing.
Hotels:- This is difficult to comment on, on just two lines. I shall send a separate E-mail to Varun on this.
Transport:- very comfortable & had good power.
Country:- UK
By -  Keith Bond, 18 November 2016
Reps:- Very good + Puncutual + Friendly
Hotels:- Good hotel. Excellent food.
Transport:- Very safe + Reliable
Visited cities:-Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Varanasi - Delhi
Remarks:- Very happy - will use services again.
Country:- Australia
By -  Mr. David John Ellison, 17 Nov 2016
Reps:- Excellent service, knowledge of culture, places etc. Great experience.
Hotels:- Good.
Transport:- Very good. Comfortable.
Remarks:- We have a great experience in Nepal. Nice places and views and excellent customer service. Great people and guides.
Country:- Guatemala
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By -  Mr. Jose Luis Nava, 10 Nov 2016
Reps:- Good
Hotels:- Good
Transport:- Very good
Visited cities:-Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.
Remarks:- Good, better to have home stay.
Country:- United states
By -  Mr. Dhan Thomas, 25 Oct 2016
Reps:- We had tou guide and they were very good but thiei english was sometimes difficult to understand.
Hotels:- Hotels were very good
Transport:- it was absolutely perfect, driver was very kind to us and he proof very well, no complaints
Remarks:- We are very happy with all services during our trip. There were some issue but we highly recommend this trip, good guide perfect driver
Country:- Czech Republic
By -  Mr. Matous Veselsky, 27/10/2016
Reps:- Muy bien. El programa guia muy responsable
Hotels:- Muy bien servicios
Transport:- Perfecto
Remarks:- todo bien
Country:- Mexico
By -  Arturo Lopez Posadas, 24 Oct 2016
Reps:- Very good
Hotels:- Good - Room not nice, Hote water problem
Transport:- Very good
Remarks:- Good and smooth
Country:- Spain
By -  Juan Jose casanas, 24 Oct 2016
Reps:- Excellent Service
Hotels:- Excellent
Transport:- Excellent
Visited cities:-Delhi, Shimla Chandigarh
Remarks:- Very good
By -  Mr Joseph Paikeday, 17 Oct 16
Reps:- Very good
Hotels:- Regular hotel in Jaisalmer and others are good.
Transport:- excellent driver and his assistant
Remarks:- Very happy and eager to retun
Country:- Mexico
By -  Mr Rafael Garcia De Alba, 09 Oct 16
Reps:- All your persons were very kind and always willing to help and excellent services
Hotels:- very good hotels
Transport:- good but, not the best but everything was fine. the driver and company were very nice
Remarks:- we had a great time in general we think it was very good. But only suggest that there were too many shops along the whole trip, may be go to less shops would be nice
Country:- Mexico
By -  Mr Raul Rabell, 09 Oct 16

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