Hotels:- Habria estado mejor haber tenido los vouchers de la habitacion( en un hotel nos han dado una categoria inferior) y vouchers de la cena (no sabias que estaban incluidas)
Transport:- En Varanasi muy mal, no sabia ingles pero el resto con Prakash muy bien.
Visited cities:-Delhi - Varanasi - Delhi - Pushkar - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi
Remarks:- Experiencia positiva y recomendable
Country:- Spain
By -  Marta Arana Ranero, 15/02/2017
Reps:- Excellent
Hotels:- Incredible
Transport:- Excellent, Friendly & competent driver.
Visited cities:-Delhi, Agra, Jaipur
Remarks:- The overall experience was very positive. The trip was very well organised, planned & executed. If we return to India as tourist we will use your services again.
Country:- England
By -  Mr. Thomas Cole, 14 February 2017
Reps:- Good
Hotels:- Generally
Transport:- Some drivers drive dangerous
Remarks:- It was good experience. We are almost satisfied
Country:- Japan
By -  Mr. Shoichi Iwase, 13/02/2017
Reps:- Excellent, professionals. I could not do this trip without these professional people
Hotels:- Very nice, comfortable and modern
Transport:- Excellent, modern and comfortable car, Jaswinder, the driver is an amazing person, very professional
Visited cities:-Delhi - Jaipur - Agra
Remarks:- This India trip this trip were the most great and amazing trip i did in my life. India is a unforgettable country
Country:- Brazil
By -  Andres Dias, 12/02/2017
Reps:- Special thanks to Urmmila and the local representative who did all the necessary to plan our itinerary and all extra activities.
Hotels:- In general all hotels were good. We specially liked the Mandir Palace (jaisalmer) and the Krishna Prakash Heritage (Jodhpur)
Transport:- We appreciated very much having Anand as our driver. He managed to make the (sometimes) long drive pleasant, intresting and funny.
Visited cities:-Delhi - jaisalmer-Jodhpur - Udaipur-jaipur-Agra-Delhi
Remarks:- We had a very nice Rajasthan tour and whole definitely recommend your agency. Suggestial you should recommend doing extra activities as bicycle tours, ziplines, night walking tour (Jaipur) and cooking classes (we pretend teh one in Jaipur wih Nidhi & Jaiwant Singh where we participated in the cooking )
Country:- Switzerland
By -  Simone Arcila, 10/02/2017
Reps:- Very good perfect.
Hotels:- Excellent
Transport:- Very good perfect
Remarks:- It was a great pleasure to have this trip with a perfect guide and driver and stay in best hotels. it was great.
Country:- Austria
By -  Mr. Walter Geyer, 02/01/2017
Hotels:- Hello the trip very good. Thanks you very much Urmmila. The Lalit very good The Holiday Inn in Jaipur..Very good The Ramada in Varanasi y a little old..the Badajoz room
Remarks:- But the trip was wonderful. Thanks very much Urmila.
Country:- Spain
By -  Ms. Agueda Lafora, 10/12/2016
Reps:- Excellent guides all of them.
Hotels:- The cleanliness at the Ashram if possible, please improve it.
Transport:- Great buses and the driver and assistant who took us to Varanasi and Rishikesh couldnt be better
Visited cities:-The location of Florence Inn was not convenient.
Remarks:- Choose hotels that are located in streets where the buses can drop us there.
Country:- Germany
By -  Lydia Garcia , 08 Dec 2016
Reps:- Very kindly, congrats. It was very important to us to get everything ok.
Hotels:- Good we can make on effort to come back soon.
Transport:- Very good. Our driver very experiencd in bus conductor.
Remarks:- I think its very nice country to visit and specially Dharamsala, long road trips but also the places very nice. Congrats! Everybody.
Country:- Mexico
By -  Daniel Salvan Lona, 08 Dec 2016
Reps:- The guides, all of you excellent. Thanks.
Hotels:- Very good.
Transport:- Excellent
Country:- Germany
By -  Renato Lartundo, 08 Dec 2016

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