Reps:- Excellent, courteous and helpful. Baboo our driver and his assistant were really good for the tour. An excellent, safe driver.
Transport:- Minibus cool,comfortable and clean.
Remarks:- Highly recommended tour and company. 10 out of 10. Thank you.
Country:- England
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By -  Graham Smith, 01 nov,2013
Reps:- Correcto. Queremos agradecemos especialmente el representante y guia de bombay.
Hotels:- En general bien. El de Varanasi : regular. Vosotros solicitamos hoteles de 5 estrellas y algunos no han respondido a esa categoria.
Transport:- Correcto.
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By -  Aitor Senin Vilarinio, 29 oct,2013
Reps:- Very efficient and kind.
Hotels:- Excellent ( Leela Palace).
Transport:- Very good experience.
Country:- Iran
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By -  Del Marmol, 28 oct,2013
Reps:- Ok
Hotels:- Fishtail lodge- very beautiful !! a peaceful place.
Transport:- Very good, polite and very nice. Thank you !!!
Country:- Spain
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By -  Eduardo Paez, 25 oct,2013
Reps:- Good
Hotels:- Good
Transport:- Good
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By -  Jairam-G, 25,oct,2013
Reps:- Very good. The people have been very nice & friendly.
Hotels:- Good. It was ok,nice and clean, good breakfast. First night a lot of noise but later it was ok.
Transport:- Very Good. It was always on time and very comfortable.
Remarks:- It was fantastic and i would like to come again.
Country:- Argentina
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By -  Selva, 24,oct,2013
Reps:- Fine.
Hotels:- Radisson good but could be better.
Transport:- Fine.
Remarks:- muy interesante, suegiremos que los represantes y guias perfeccionen el espanol.
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By -  Martha Alecca, 23,oct,2013
Reps:- Good.
Hotels:- Good.
Transport:- Good.
Remarks:- All is fantastic and beautiful.
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By -  Eloy Quintas, 14,oct,2013
Reps:- Very Good.
Hotels:- Very Good.
Transport:- Very Good.
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By -  Selna Jruige, 12,oct,2013
Reps:- always co-operative
Hotels:- Heritage Hotels created as " Real Rajasthan". Fantastic!!
Transport:- The driver and the assistant from Jodhpur - Delhi (11 days) was excellent.
Remarks:- Guides were great, friendly & cooperative. Have two nights in each city, created a more leisurely place.
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By -  Jeff Rainsford, 7,oct,2013

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