Reps:- Very Helpful
Hotels:- Nice and clean hotels, excellent staff service, good locations of all hotels
Transport:- Very comfortable, clean and safe car
Remarks:- Travel company took care about our safety during all our journey. Urmmila & team
Country:- Britian
By -  Ms. Grazyna Salamon , 27 July 2013
Reps:- Excellent
Hotels:- Excellent
Transport:- Excellent
Remarks:- Overall the experience was good and we enjoyed a lot. We will recommend your agency and will come back soon.
Country:- Argentina
By -  Mr. Carlos Ramos , 26/07/2013
Reps:- Very Good
Hotels:- Very Good (Excellent for Lake Palace in Udaipur) Thanks Not good in Pushkar
Transport:- Driver was very good & gave us good advices
Remarks:- Guides were very good too many visits in shop with the guides Very good travel & will recommend it
Country:- France
By -  Mr. Olivier Decayeux, 23 July 2013
Remarks:- Urmmila & team, All services are satisfactory.
Country:- Argentina
By -  Mr Ricardo Pedroso, 23 Jul 2013
Reps:- Urmmila & Team Good
Hotels:- Perfect
Transport:- Car Good , Driver The Best
Remarks:- Excellent Holidays Very Recommendable
Country:- Spain
By -  Mr. Diego Javier Monzo, 19 Jul 2013
Reps:- Excellent
Hotels:- Excellent
Transport:- Excellent
Remarks:- It was a fantastic experience overall and a great way to see the Golden Traingle. Both guides and driver were very informative , making for terrifically hospitable environment
Email:- nil
Country:- Canada
By -  Chetan Muram, 18 July 2013
Reps:- Very Good
Hotels:- The best ones were in Pushkar and Varanasi.
Transport:- Very Good. The best was Bhagat. good guides in Udaipur, Agra and Varanasi
Remarks:- Very good experience in general.
Country:- chilena
By -  Ms. Robinson Carolina, 12 Jun 2013
Reps:- They are very good professional
Hotels:- Good and very good
Transport:- Ok
Remarks:- Change the representative in Srinagar
Country:- Es
By -  Ms. Rosa Jordi x 04, 08/06/2013
Reps:- Thanks a lot... really appreciated i felt good after 24 of flight to have somebody to between 05.
Hotels:- Good hotels. heritage hotel phenomenal! Great time
Transport:- Amazing Driver, Amazing amazing . we had 2 drivers and wouldn;t been the same without them.
Remarks:- fantastic experience and will talk and think about it for a while. Thanks a lot for everything!!!
By -  Valerie Dugas, 30 May 2013
Reps:- Good
Hotels:- Good
Transport:- Excellent
Remarks:- Very Good
Country:- Brazil
By -  Mr. Belmiro Goncalez Minguethe , 30 May 2013

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