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Goa located on the western coast of India is a very popular destination.Goa beaches are considered to be the best beaches in the world .One of the most sought after travel and tourism destinations in India, Goa is considered to be no less than Paradise. One can find the perfect blend of exotic beaches, lip smacking cuisine, easy going people, rocking parties and ancient religious places! Goa is synonymous with vacations and holidays.

Goa is really a traveler's delight because of its exotic beaches, waterfalls,springs , lakes as well as wildlife sanctuaries. Goa is much more than simply a spreading beach resort and contains many historical landmarks, ancient monuments and grand temples, which are well worth looking out for.Some of the beautiful monuments of goa are:- Viceroys Arch Goa, Statue of Abbe Faria Goa, Azad Maidan Goa, Goa Medical College Goa etc.
There are a large number of hotels in Goa to choose from. Goa caters to the needs of all; discerning travelers as well as business executives, individuals, couples and elderly. Ranging from heritage properties to beach front luxury resorts and from 5-star hotels to cheap hotels, Goa has all kinds of hotel properties.Hotels are located near famous tourist spots, on the beach, near business centers and even at a secluded location giving complete privacy from outside world.
Shopping in Goa is on the priority list of the visitor.It is an amazing experience for all the tourists just like strolling on the beaches, enjoying the nightlife and trying out the mouth watering delicacies of Goa. The markets of Goa are filled with local handicrafts, wine, cuisine, spices and other items of daily usage.Some of the best places for shopping in Goa are at Mapusa market,Anjuna market, Baga Beach Market, Calangute Market Square .
Goa is one of the most popular tourist spot in India and therefore Goa Restaurants are important not only to the locals but also to the people on a trip to Goa.City has multitude of restaurants spread across all over Goa. The beachside paradise of Goa is a great place to dine. With a throng of different restaurants available, one can find almost every type of cuisine in Goa.Goa being truly an Epicurean's paradise, the choices are innumerable and the varieties immense.
Goa is known for its easy going and relaxed culture.Offering a truly unique culture Goa has a blend of people belonging to different religious coexisting in peace and harmony. It is a quaint blend of tradition, religion and modernity. Hindu temples are as much a part of Goa as are Christian monuments. The culture of Goa today is a synthesis of Portuese and Indian cultures. This harmonious blend of Portuguese and Indian cultural elements has made Goa unique in its own way.
Goa helpline help all people who are connected to Goa for any purpose (business, living, holidays or any other related aspects) to find information.Goa Emergency Numbers are quite useful during situations of crisis. The emergency numbers can be dialed by local citizens as well as new comers to the city.
Entertainment in Goa beckon the visitors of all ages. Goa nightlife entertainment is celebrated in famous night clubs, discotheques, pubs and casinos of Goa.Entertainment In Goa includes its long sun drenched beaches, its cultural songs and dances, the historical heritage of forts, churches and temples, its wild life sanctuaries, its water sports and its nightlife in discotheques.
Located on the western coast of India, in the Konkan coastal belt, Goa is often referred to as the 'Pearl of the Orient' and is a 'tourist's paradise'. Languages spoken: Konkani, English, Portuguese and Marathi.

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Goa Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
  City Month Max Temp Min Temp Mean Rainfall mm
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa January 31.1 20.2 0.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa February 31 20.8 0.1
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa March 31.4 23.3 0.4
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa April 32.3 25.5 10.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa May 32.7 26.6 66.7
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa June 30.1 25 874
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa July 28.6 24.3 949.5
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa August 28.6 24.2 515.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa September 29.3 24.1 231
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa October 31.1 24.1 102.6
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa November 32.2 22.6 30.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Goa December 31.8 21 8.8