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Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India, located on the banks of the Musi River and on the Deccan Plateau.The city of Hyderabad has its own individual character, which is evident in the beautiful, ancient palaces and the equally modern, and state-of-the-art offices and buildings.Hyderabad invokes nostalgia among old residents for its culture, fine arts and certain sophistication in manners. Much more than anything, it presents a true picture of secularism. Hyderabad is the fifth largest cosmopolitan city in India.

The monuments in Hyderabad displays elegant architecture of various dynasties.Most of the monuments of Hyderabad have survived the ravages of time and stands erect.Historical Monuments of Hyderabad are famous for their splendid architecture.All the monuments in Hyderabad are graceful and really worth visiting.Some of the famous monuments in Hyderabad are : Charminar,Asman Garh Palace,Golconda Fort,Falaknuma Palace,Nizamsagar Dam .
The Hotels in Hyderabad are the perfect examples of unmatched hospitality ,comfort & avails fine range of accommodation to its visitors.Hotels are located at a convenient distance from the main landmarks in the cities. The distinctive features of best Hyderabad hotels and resorts are high standard and quality accommodation catering to the needs of clients at the most reasonable rates.
Shopping in Hyderabad gives a cultural insight into the city of Nawabs. The city has a huge variety of goods to offer which ranges from antiques to handicrafts to leather goods to Pearls and semi-precious stones. Traditional handlooms,carpets and textile are superb here and avialable at many outlets.The most famous shopping destinations in Hyderabad are- Charminar,Basheerbagh ,Koti And Sultan Bazaar.
Hyderabadi cuisine is a blend of Traditional South Indian Mughal and Persian cuisine. In Hyderabad, food is as important as life itself and known for its dum-style cooking.The city presents a wide variety of eating places, which serve the best of cuisines from all parts of the world.Some popular restaurants in hyderabad are- Angeethi, Indijoe, Sahid Sindh Sultan, Basil, The square.
Hyderabad Art Galleries displays, exhibits and stocks the finest collection of contemporary and traditional art, sourced from all over the country.Fruitful decade for art and artists in Hyderabad marks a phase of immense experimentalism and innovation in the field
Emergency helpline numbers of Hyderabad are- Police-100 ,Fire-101, Ambulance-102,Tourist Information-1363, RTA Helpline-1074, Electricity-1912,Eye Bank Association-23545454 etc.
Entertainment in Hyderabad has been a part of the lifestyle since the time when it was ruled by the Nawabs.There are a variety of entertainment options to choose from while touring Hyderabad.The city of Hyderabad has a variety of amusement parks.Apart from these parks, there are number of pubs, discotheques, clubs, snooker joints, bowling alleys and go-karting racetracks, art galleries, theme parks, cultural centers.
Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhara Pradesh and one of the fastest growing cities in India. Languages spoken: Urdu, Hindi, Telugu and English.STD code of Hyderabad: 040

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Hyderabad Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
  City Month Max Temp Min Temp Mean Rainfall mm
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad January 28.8 15.2 13.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad February 31.9 17.6 7.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad March 35.4 20.8 15.3
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad April 37.9 24.3 20.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad May 39 26.2 35.7
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad June 34.5 24 103.8
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad July 30.8 22.6 169.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad August 29.8 22.1 178.7
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad September 30.5 22 158.3
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad October 30.6 20.3 97.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad November 32.2 22.6 30.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Hyderabad December 28 14.5 5.9