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Indore is the capital city of the erstwhile Holkar rulers. It is an important industrial city in central India and is known as 'mini Mumbai'. There are a number of historical monuments in Indore belonging to the Holkars. Indore is also known for its temples. The architecture of the monuments in Indore is the amalgamation of different styles. There are several Tourist Places near Indore also.

Indore is known for its architectural splendor. The tales of the glorious past are narrated by these splendid historical monuments and cast a magical spell on the visitors. Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar was a great architectural patron and spent a lot of money on the construction of many temples across the nation.
The architectural marvel seen in the historical monuments can also be seen in the hotels in Indore which are designed meticulously. From stunning heritage hotels to leading luxury properties to even budget, mid-range and economy there is no dearth of hotels in Indore.
There are a number of shopping places in Indore. Even international shops and showrooms are present here. Indore is also famous for its cloth industry. Fabrics adorned with hand block printing, tie and dye and Zari work are some of the specialties of Indore.
Indore is famous for its cuisine. There are many eating places in Indore, where you can pamper yourself with food. Indore people are great foodies. The restaurants in the city offer a wide variety of food items to choose from. From vegetarian to non vegetarian, North Indian to South Indian, Chinese to Mughlai, you will find all the flavors of the world here.
The cultural heritage of Indore includes magnificent remains of its glorious past, soulful religious places and beautiful surroundings. Indore culture is a unique blend of various cultures from across the country and makes it a perfect destination to be explored. You will be enthralled to see the royalty and the simplicity of the city.
The helpline services offers help to those that call. Haridwar helpline services offer telephone support offering accces to information, advice or customer services. Police - +91-1332-272222, Fire - +91-1332-273099 etc...
Entertainment has become a necessity in the cities, today. Indore is equipped with places like malls and cinema halls to provide relief from all the worries and tensions. These options are very viable and facilitate people to steal time from their work, for pleasure.
The gates of Lalbagh Palace, Indore, are replica of the gates of Buckingham Palace, London. They were casted in England and then shipped to Indore.Indore has a huge concrete Cricket Bat statue with names of the players of the Indian team which won the 1971 series against Gary Sobers' West Indies team. There many not be many of its kind in the world !

Indore city map

Indore Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
City Month Maximum Temperature C Minimum Temperature C Mean Rainfall mm
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in January 26.5 9.9 7.7
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in February 29.3 11.5 2.5
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in March 34.2 16.2 2.4
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in April 38.4 21 2.4
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in May 40.2 24.5 10.6
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in June 36.3 24.3 131.9
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in July 30.3 22.7 283.7
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in August 28.5 22 276.9
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in September 30.3 21 183.1
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in October 32.2 18 40.1
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in November 29.6 13.6 13.3
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Indore in December 27.1 10.5 6.3