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Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and a Gamma World City. Kolkata is the commercial capital of East India, located on the east bank of the Hooghly River.Kolkata is the second largest city of India. It is a cosmopolitan city where people, technology and ideas have blended together with the socio-political culture to give the city a new shape. The city is full of historical monuments and palaces and is therefore also called the "The City of Palaces".

Monuments in Kolkata constitute a majority of the Mughal as well as the British architecture.The city owes much of its existence to the British Raj.The famous monuments in Kolkata describe eloquently their colonial dreams and the consequent cultural mix.famous monuments in Kolkata are: Shahid Minar, Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace,Indian Museum.
Kolkata hotels provide a variety of accommodation options to the tourists and travelers visiting the city. These hotels in Kolkata have been following the trend and invented innovative measures to appease its guests with state-of-the-art amenities and classic hospitality. The high-end travelers can stay in the five-star and five-star deluxe hotels, which provide world class comfort and hospitality.
Kolkata is a well-known place where shopping is a great fun.A large number of shopping malls, markets and different retail shops have sprung up in Kolkata over the years. Shopping in Kolkata can be the most pleasurable experience.The city is provided with markets that merchandise all categories of goods.Some of the popular shopping centers are- City centre, Treasure island, forum multiplex etc.
Kolkata is the best place to sample Bengali cuisine.Kolkata is popular for continental, Cantonese, Chinese, Thai, oriental, Mexican, Swiss, Tibetan foods also.There are some excellent Bengali restaurants in Kolkata, where one can enjoy authentic and delicious tasting Bengali cuisine.A foreign tourist can consume Punjabi, Rajastahni or North and south Indian foods in the Popular restaurants in Kolkata.
Art Galleries are a part of Kolkata's identity having weaved an entire school of painting, a mark of a creative movement called Bengal School of Art.The galleries have been continuously involved in the recognition and promotion of emerging talent, creating an awareness of art amongst old and new collectors by showcasing good quality art works and providing a platform for interaction between artists and collectors.
To cope with the problems certain important contact numbers are issued by the local governance to assist the visitors as well residents to reach them at the time of emergency requirement.These helpline numbers provide their services for 24 hours a day.Police-100, Ambulance-102, Fire-101, Railway Information (Auto)-1331, Regional Tourist Office-1363, Airlines (General Enquiry)-140, I.T.D.C.-22821402, 22821475.
Kolkata is never short of entertainment options with choices ranging from Bars, Pubs and an unstoppable unforgettable night life to music, event and movies and a lot more. Kolkata is home to a plethora of entertainment which speaks about film, music, art, dance, bars and discos. Apart from festivals like Durga Puja or New Years Eve, the city offers manifold options for entertainment and recreation all through the year.
The metropolitan city of Calcutta in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal extends between the latitude 22°82' N and longitude 88°20' E. Language spoken are- Bengali , Hindi , English.

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Kolkata Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
  City Month Max Temp Min Temp Mean Rainfall mm
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata January 26 13.7 13.3
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata February 29 16.6 25.6
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata March 33.7 21.4 33.3
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata April 35.7 24.9 51.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata May 35.5 26.1 126.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata June 33.7 26.5 282.4
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata July 32 26.2 339.8
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata August 31.8 26.1 333.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata September 32 25.9 277.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata October 31.7 23.9 138.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata November 29.3 18.8 23.9
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Kolkata December 26.4 14.2 6.4