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Lucknow City is the capital of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Lucknow is a vibrant city that is witnessing an economic boom and is among the top ten fastest growing non-major-metropolitan cities of India. The city of Lucknow has a magical charm surrounding it. Be it its delicious cuisine or its heart melting culture, the city leaves an everlasting impression on its visitors.

Lucknow is a beautiful city that still retains its old world charm. Your tour to Lucknow will be a truly memorable one when you travel in India. The exquisite monuments that were built during the ancient times are still preserved for the present to see and cherish.
Lucknow hotels welcomes in the 'City of Nawabs' by showering their elegance and graceful services. Like the city itself, hotels in Lucknow too have a certain charm and sophistication about them that touches hearts. Be it 5 star luxury hotels or affordable budget class properties these Lucknow hotels offer state-of-the-art amenities irrespective of their star categories.
Lucknow is an old style shopper's paradise. The city is fit for those who hate Hyper-Malls and still believe that the art of shopping is a divine gifted quality that can only be mastered upon in the congested alleys of old bazaars and not in some air-conditioned malls located in a plush locality. Lucknow has a number of sites to go shopping.
Lucknow is famous for its local cuisines like kebabs and biryanis so rest assured you shall not have a problem thinking what to eat in Lucknow. For all those who live to eat, Lucknow offers a delightful palette to suit your tastes. Do not hesitate to try new dishes and cuisines.
The culture of Lucknow is still very much alive and retains its old world charm even today. Popularly known as the City of Nawabs, Lucknow is famous for its traditional cuisine, fine arts and the most courteous people you will ever find in India. The cultural heritage of Lucknow was pretty much influenced by the Mughal era and you find that Mughal touch in almost everything that relates to the culture of Lucknow.
There are several important Emergency Contact Numbers that could be help user to communicate to related queries. Emergency helpline numbers of Lucknow are- Police - 100, Fire sevice- 101, Ambulance- 102, Child Care: 1098, Lucknow Airport: 2435401, Telephone Enq.: 197, Roadways(Bus) : 2454444, 2622503
Lucknow is a city that has always believed in living life to the hilt. There are numerous places of entertainment and recreation in Lucknow. From clubs, resorts to amusement parks to malls, Lucknow has it all.
Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is also an administrative district of the state with headquarters at Lucknow city. The district is surrounded on the eastern side by District Barabanki, on the western side by district Unnao, on the southern side by Raebareli and on the northern side by Sitapur and Hardoi districts. Lucknow also forms a part of Lucknow division.

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Lucknow Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
City Month Maximum Temperature C Minimum Temperature C Mean Rainfall mm
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in January 22.5 7.3 19.1
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in February 25.9 9.7 17.6
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in March 32.1 14.5 8.7
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in April 38 20.4 5.8
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in May 40.3 24.7 18.8
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in June 38.6 27 103.2
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in July 33.8 26.1 277.4
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in August 32.9 25.6 284
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in September 33 24.3 201.4
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in October 32.6 19 49
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in November 29 12.3 8
Weather/temperature/rainfall in Lucknow in December 24.3 8 16.4