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Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay is a major metropolitan city of India. It is the state capital of Maharashtra . Mumbai city is known as the business capital of India, it being the country's principal financial and communications centre.To the tourists Mumbai offers an amazing array of places to visit. There are excellent excursion options to the neighboring hill stations and ancient caves from Mumbai.For the shoppers and the food freaks, Mumbai is an absolute visit.

There are many tourist attractions in Mumbai like beautiful beaches, historical monuments and also spiritual attractions.The Gateway of India regarded, as the signature mark of Mumbai.Mumbai is also famous for its scenic beaches. Some of them are the Juhu beach and Marine Drive also called as Chowpatty beach.
Mumbai hotels offers tourists special hotel packages as well as Mumbai tourist packages.Mumbai hotels can be found for a comfortable retreat and serve the guests with peerless services and international standards of hospitality.Hotels in Mumbai are located around major attractions and offers magnificent time for travelers who come in for business as well as vacation.
Mumbai has some world class bars that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable night out. To see Mumbai from a different perspective, treat yourself to an experience at one of these atmospheric Mumbai bars.
Mumbai Restaurant offers a variety of cuisine and a range of local dishes that will surely astound anyone.Eating Out in Mumbai is real fun, given the fact that there are ample of restaurants, road side food stalls, bars, pubs, coffee shops & fast food joints in the city.Mumbai restaurants are especially liberal with regard to alcoholic beverages, and in fact it is noted as the most liberal city in India.
An enormous selection of art galleries currently reside in Mumbai, particularly within the Colaba district, covering many different themes and aspects of both traditional Indian art and contemporary works.
With an objective of facilitating citizens with service on demand, various departments are providing their helpline numbers working on 24x7 pattern. These helpline numbers provide the required help to the people.Commissioner of Police-22620826,Infoline-1090,Traffic Police Control Room-24937755, M.T.D.C.-22024482,Mumbai High Court-22673466 etc.
Mumbai is a versatile city, where the rationale of entertainment lies in different means.The city offers the local inhabitants and tourists with a wonderful scope to explore night life in Mumbai. Recreation could be different for different people, some like indulging in late night parties and gobbling the best alcohol, while others may prefer watching movies at cinema halls and splurge in shopping.
Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.Sixteen major languages of India are also spoken in Mumbai, most common being Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and English.

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Mumbai Maximum & minimum temperature and rainfall
  City Month Max Temp Min Temp Mean Rainfall mm
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai January 30.7 16.7 15.1
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai February 31.2 17.7 1
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai March 32.7 20.8 0.1
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai April 33 23.8 0.5
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai May 33.3 26.4 20.6
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai June 32.1 26.2 504.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai July 30 25.1 819.4
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai August 29.6 24.8 546.8
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai September 30.3 24.3 325.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai October 33.1 23.4 81.1
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai November 33.5 20.8 113.2
Weather / climate / temperature / rainfall Mumbai December 32.1 18.3 4.1