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Press Release

India: Incredible all year round

Tourism to India is at an all-time high.

With an easy online e-visa application that sends confirmation of processing between 24 and 48 hours, as well as no vaccine requirements, many Canadians are eager to explore the cultural traditions of India, especially with a series of direct flight offerings from Toronto to Delhi through carriers like Air Canada.

Last night, Services International met with travel agents and trade media at The Host restaurant in Toronto to demonstrate the various tourism products that will help agents sell packages to India. Read More...

Services International showcases Incredible India to agents

With a growing interest in India amongst Canadians, tour operator Services International welcomed a full house last night to the second of three agent receptions in the Toronto area.

Nearly 40 travel agents attended The Host restaurant in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood, a repeat performance of the night before (where the first event this week was held), said Garima Shamsukha, Services International’s business development manager for Canada. A third event will be held tonight (April 6) at The Host’s Mississauga location.

Services International, which has conducted tours in India since 1977, offers almost 80 customizable travel packages (including India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Sri Lanka) which travel agents can view and customize at The company has made recent in-roads in the Canadian market and with interest in India as a travel destination continuing to grow in Canada, Shamsukha cited a desire by agents to learn more about the country as a factor in the events’ strong attendance. Read More...

Services International - Fam Trips

Services International offers a five-night trip to India with various departures through Sept. 30  Read More...

Services International meets with Western Canada agents

Services International Ltd and India Tourism Toronto recently held a series of three seminars in Western Canada, welcoming agents in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary to learn more about what the company offers in India.

At each seminar, Services International sponsored a prize of a six night/seven day Golden Triangle tour for two people in India, including bed and breakfast, accommodation in four-star hotels and complete transportation including transfers and sightseeing. India Tourism – Toronto offered a free air ticket from Canada to India for one person.

PHOTO: From the Vancouver seminar: Garima Shamsukha, manager - business development, Services International Ltd.; Estefania Mills, president, ABC International Travel (winner of the Golden Triangle package), Shammi Arora, Consul in Vancouver; Michele Joel, senior travel advisor, The Travel Group (winner of an air ticket to India from Canada); N.Lingi Chetty, Consul in Vancouver; Anil Oraw, director, India Tourism Toronto.

Services International hits the road again

It’s been another busy year for Services International Ltd. in promoting India travel.

Pramod Singla, director of the Delhi-based travel company, made his second trip to Canada in less than a year, for a pair of presentations in Montreal and Ottawa. Another series of shows took place earlier this year in southern Ontario. Singla spoke to PAX during a break from presentations in Toronto last week.

Although the business only recently entered Canada in 2012, Services International opened its doors in 1989, founded by Singla and another partner with whom he worked in India’s hotel industry since 1976.

While the company currently only has one Canadian representative – Garima Shamsukha, manager of business development – business has been brisk. With the majority of bookings coming from the southern Ontario region which Shamsukha calls home, Services International is now looking to other markets in Canada as well. Singla said that while there are no plans for additional Canadian staff, a move into the U.S. is currently in the works.

“Garima’s based here in Ontario and we don’t foresee adding a new person, as she’s taking care of it,” Singla said. “She covers all of Canada. Garima arrived here almost three years ago and bookings are very strong now.”

With travel packages offered across India (as well as to nearby destinations including Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Bhutan), Singla said that bookings to northern India have been the most popular due to the existing tourism infrastructure in the region. In Canada, Singla said the FIT market is the company’s strongest segment, which will see an increased focus in the coming years.

Comparing Canada to other markets, Singla noted that Canadians seem to take a more serious approach to inquiring about travel.

“The industry here is very serious; when someone asks you something, they mean it,” Singla said. “It’s not just to talk – they really want to know about programs and prices. Other places, people ask you to send five programs and it’s very vague. You put more effort into preparing a program when they’re serious.”

And with the recent announcement of India extending electronic tourist visas to Canadian travellers, Singla is expecting even more bookings as a result of the new program.

“It’s a very big benefit and now people from far-flung areas are able to travel to India without going to the consulate or high commission,” he said. “It’s providing an incentive to travel there.”

PHOTO: Eugene Correa, administrative assistant, India Tourism Toronto; Anil Oraw, director, India Tourism Toronto; Rajesh Raina, consul & head of chancery, Consulate General of India; Ram Kolipakam, district sales manager, Air India; Pramod Singla, director, Services International Ltd.; Garima Shamsukha, manager - business development; Aloka Oraw; Nandita Raina.

Services International, India Tourism bring destination to agents

Services International Ltd and India Tourism were on the road last month, meeting with agents across southern Ontario and showcasing what the company and destination has to offer Canadian travellers.

The shows took place in Oshawa (Jan. 14), London (Jan. 20) and Barrie (Jan. 21), drawing many travel agents at each date. Among the special guests welcomed were Anil Oraw, director, India Tourism Toronto (attending all three shows); R.K Perindia (consular, passport and visa, who was welcomed in Oshawa); and India Consulate General Akhilesh Mishra and wife Reeti Mishra, who attended the London presentation.

Garima Shamsukha, manager business development for Services International, said the shows highlighted both the company’s “tailor-made/personalized services, which people in Canada value,” as well as India’s vast array of tourist attractions, ranging from historic and cultural draws to adventure travel opportunities.

“India is a destination that many travellers have on their bucket lists,” said Shamsukha.

According to Shamsukha, future shows will take place in other parts of Canada later this year.

“I feel 2015 and 2016 will be good years for travel to India,” she said.

Services International fait la promotion de l’Inde à Montréal

Pour la deuxième fois cette année, Services International Ltd., qui fait la promotion de India Travel, a visité le Canada avec des présentations à Montréal et Ottawa. C’est au restaurant indien Devi que Pramod Singla, directeur de Services International Ltd. à New Delhi, Anil Oraw, directeur de India Tourism Toronto, et Garima Shamsukha, responsable du développement des affaires affectée au Canada, ont rencontré les agents de voyages lundi soir dernier.

Services International a ouvert ses portes en 1989, mais ce n’est que depuis 2012 que l’entreprise opère en sol canadien avec sa seule représentante canadienne, Garima Shamsukha qui est responsable du développement des affaires d'un océan à l'autre. Depuis son arrivée au Canada il y a maintenant trois ans, les réservations vont bon train et « sont plus importantes que jamais », a souligné Pramod Singla.

Si la majorité des réservations au Canada proviennent du sud de l’Ontario, il n’en demeure pas moins que Services International ait pour ambition de miser sur le développement d’autres marchés au pays.

Avec des forfaits offerts à travers l’Inde (incluant aussi des destinations près de l’Inde comme le Népal, le Tibet, le Sri Lanka et le Bhoutan), Pramod Singla a souligné que le nord de l’Inde attire la majorité des voyageurs canadiens et ce, grâce, notamment, aux infrastructures touristiques bien développées dans cette région du pays. Au Canada, c’est cependant les voyages à la carte (FIT) qui ont la cote. Plus que jamais auparavant, Services International entend miser sur ce segment dans les années à venir.

Avec la récente annonce concernant les visas touristiques électroniques octroyés aux Canadiens, Pramod Singla se montre confiant quant aux réservations de voyage qui devraient connaître une croissance notoire. « C’est un avantage réel pour les voyageurs canadiens qui souhaitent visiter l'Inde et un incitatif certain », indique-t-il.

Lorsqu’on le questionne au sujet du marché canadien, M. Singla souligne que l’industrie canadienne est « très sérieuse » dans son approche en ce qui a trait aux demandes de renseignements. « Ce ne sont jamais des paroles en l’air. Les professionnels du voyage, ici, s’intéressent vraiment aux différents programmes offerts et aux prix. Ailleurs, les gens sont plus vagues dans leurs requêtes. On investit l’effort nécessaire que lorsqu’on sait qu’ils sont réellement sérieux », précise-t-il.

Services International 2015 India FAMs

Services International is hosting 6 FAM trips covering different cities across India. Agents can choose their own dates of travel anytime between now and September. All FAM trips feature a private car anc chauffer and include hotels with breakfast, transfers and tours as per the itinerary. All prices are per person, based on twin sharing. Agents are welcome to bring their spouse or partner, who will travel at the same price. FAMs include Golden Triangle (5 nights/6 days - $300); Rajasthan (12 nights /13 days - $647); Golden Triangle with Varanasi (6 nights/7 days - $401); Kerela (6 nights/7 days - $422); Tamilnadu + Kerala (12 nights /13 days - $880); and Tamilnadu (5 nights /6 days - $443). For more details, visit

Voyage de familiarisation en Inde

Récemment, j’ai rencontré Garima Shamsukha, une femme menue, sympathique, avec un bel accent indien, et qui faisait la promotion de plusieurs destinations d’Asie telles que le Népal, le Tibet, le Sri Lanka et le Bhoutan (petit pays entre la Chine et l’Inde). Elle a ranimé mon désir de découvrir ce coin du monde qui, pour moi, est mystérieux et représente vraiment un voyage qui permet de sortir de sa zone de confort et d’oser le dépaysement total.

Un voyage de familiarisation individuel Les voyages de familiarisation offerts par Services International ltd ne sont pas des groupes organisés avec des dates fixes, où vous vous retrouvez avec plusieurs autres professionnels en voyage. Ce sont plutôt des itinéraires conçus pour vous permettre d’apprécier les différentes villes visitées, avec un éventail de dates disponibles, que vous choisissez selon le moment qui vous convient le mieux de partir. Les prix sont très abordables et pensés en fonction de ce que ce voyage peut vous inspirer.

Des choix d’itinéraires invitants Les itinéraires proposés couvrent les villes les plus intéressantes de l’Inde. Rien de mieux que de le vivre pour mieux le communiquer! Notez que les dates seront les mêmes pour 2014. Les voyages de familiarisation individuels sont toujours possibles entre le mois d’avril et septembre.

« Golden Triangle avec Varanasi » – 6 nuits/ 7 jours – 15 mai au 30 septembre 2013 – 285 $/pers*

« Golden Triangle » 5 nuits/6 jours – 1er avril au 30 septembre 2013 – 217 $/pers*

« Rajasthan » 12 nuits / 13 jours – 1er avril au 30 septembre 2013 – 600 $/pers*

« Kerala » 6 nuits/ 7 jours– 1er mai 2013 au 30 septembre 2013 – 317 $/pers**

« Tamilnadu + Kerala » 12 nuits / 13 jours – 1er mai au 31 août 2013 – 711 $/pers*

« Bangalore – Mysore » 5 nuits / 6 jours – 1er avril au 30 septembre 2013 – 313 $/pers*

« Tamilnadu » 5 nuits / 6 jours – 1er mai au 31 septembre 2013 – 274 $/pers*

Se concentrer sur le B2B Garima travaille uniquement avec les agences et les professionnels du voyage et elle m’a confirmé qu’ils ne tentent pas de s’adresser directement aux consommateurs. Elle croit au développement d’une relation de confiance, et n’hésite pas à vous recommander, de manière fiable, l’hébergement, l’accompagnement, les restaurants proposés par leurs fournisseurs. Elle me spécifiait qu’au besoin, ils ont la possibilité d’offrir le service de guides pouvant s’adresser aux clients en français. Visitez le pour visionner les images de ce que pourrait être votre prochain voyage de familiarisation! Avec cœur et passion,

Incredible India Video

Tourist Urged not to Abandon Nepal

The Director of a New Delhi based Company that includes Nepal among its destinations is asking travellers to continue Visting the Himalayan Kingdom. Pramod Singla of Services International Ltd said During a Torronto Visit that Nepal-Which Saw Widespread Damage from an Earthquake earlier this year-desparately needs tourism revenue now to help them the rebulking process."All the Hotels are Open And Operational in Kathmandu" he said of a City that's Central to Nepal's tourists trade."All the Services are available".

Many Landmarks in Kathmandu Were Destroyed by the quake but "replicas" are being built,he said and will "still give you the feeling of the History. It will lokk Pretty Similar". Another Main tourism Destination is of the National Park of Chitwan, but Singla Said it doen't Normally see Significant Numbers of Foreign Tourists Until later in the Summer.