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Why use an IATO approved travel agent?

n today’s date, all the information is available on the internet. So why use only an IATO travel agent? The most important reason is security and safety. An IATO approved travel agent is licensed by the Department of Tourism, Government of India. In case of any valid complaint, the license can be cancelled.

In India, there have been too many cases of tourists arriving on their own and cheated by touts at the airport. In some of the cases, the tourists who wished to visit specific hotels were informed by the touts that the hotel was destroyed by a fire and were taken to lower category hotels charging an exorbitant prices. In India, you will find a huge number of touts - known as "fly by night operators" who charge huge prices for very poor services. At times, single women were also molested.

Booking with an approved tour operator will ensure that a proper representative is present at the airport, with a good transport and you are guaranteed safe, good, hygienic professionally run hotels, Choose only a travel agent approved by IATO (INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS) or TAAI (TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA).

We Provide

The other benefits of using a travel agents are -
Handle your trip from tickets to lodging, transportation, tours and more.
Ensure that the tourists have a very safe and comfortable tour
At your service
In case of a problem, act on your behalf to find a solution
Expertise in getting you to your destinations in a comfortable way
Work out a time consuming planning of a complex itinerary.
Travel agents offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers, giving you the upper hand when making your final travel decisions.
Planning a trip is stressful with many options and details. Travel agents will do this.
Updation on airlines, hotels, transport and other travel services.
“Personal touch” to your planning.
Inform you of the necessary documents needed.
Experts in the area you wish to travel. Also experts in the activities you wish (trekking, safaris, etc).
Good Value
Best deals with the hotels , flights and transport.
Will help you to find a place to stay anywhere you desire.
Information on local laws and regulations.
Tourist places
Inform you about not-to-miss places.
Royal treatment
Guide you to old palaces, forts and castles which have been converted to hotels
Suggest you the best flights to suite you.
help you in cancelling your tour, if necessary, with the lowest charges.
Travel Insurance
Suggest you the best insurance coverage.
Personalized Trips
Personalized trips based on where you want to go.
Find hotels and packages and mode of transport to suite your budget.
Inform you good fun places for kids
Balanced tour
Suggest you a trip with a good balance of sight-seeing, rest and relaxation.
Suggest you good restaurants to suite your tongue.
What Not to Eat
Suggest you food to avoid.
Update you on local traditions.
Local Laws
Advise you on what not to do.
Peak season
Inform you about the peak season dates and rates.
Inform you about expenses you may incur on your trip.
Exchange Rate
Inform you about the exchange rates and also regulations.
Travel Books
Suggest you good travel books which may list restaurants, customs, and local language.
Inform you about the seasons, clothes to bring, wear in restaurants and worship places. Also inform you of not to wear type of clothes.
Inform you about avoiding the questionable parts of town.
Give you that personal support in every type of urgency or emergency.
Advise you of places where to drink safe water and where to avoid.
Delayed Flights Delayed
Help you in sorting out your holidays if you\r flights are cancelled or delayed. Inform the hotels and the other re offices of the delays.
Connecting flights
Help plan your trip with flights in the shortest time. If you have a long connecting flight, will suggest you tours.
Difficult Itineraries
Will take care of all the complicated itineraries.
Special Needs
Can prearrange for most of the special needs.
What to Carry
Advise you to carry the type of clothes or food or medicines or equipment.
Time limit
Can hold most of the hotels and flights and transport on time limit without paying up-front.
Strikes, protests, disruptions and processions
If airlines or trains or coach or hotels go on strike, alternate travel means can be arranged.
Transportation in inaccessible places
Take care of your transportation and travel needs in most of the places.
Group bookings
Arrange for the entire group to book the same flight and hotels.
Immunizations That May Be Needed
Advise on immunizations if any needed.
Special Deals
Work out special deals.
Advise on what to buy and where to buy at the best rates.
Advise on the facilities available at the hotels. Many ties, the data on the internet may be old, outdated or incorrect.
Advice the luggage allowance.
Find you good medical attention, if needed.
Reach your travel agent any time for any doubts.
Will find solutions for any problems with the flights and hotels. Just pick up your phone.
Advise you what to tip and where.
Advise if upgrades at hotels are worth the extra money.
Low season
Advise on dates when the prices are the lowest.
Extra Amenities
Arrange for extras like a fruit basket or a bottle of champagne in the rooms on special occasions.
Wait-listed reservations
Use contacts to confirm waitlisted rooms and flights.
Cancellation Advise
Advise you on the cancelation penalties.
Detailed Itineraries
Plan your day- by -day trip.
Advice on Activities to Book Beforehand
Inform you on shows like folk dances, theatres, etc in advance.
Will rectify complaints.
Plan your trip rather as per your needs.
Flight bookings
call the airlines to arrange for your favorite seats.
Advise you on the best routing.
Lost Baggage
Call the airline to trace your lost baggage.
Financial Planning
Give you the budget in advance. Can find you packages of all budgets.
Change of program
Help you in changing the program.
Travel Easy
Your dream vacation will be realized!